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Inuyasha fanclub! 8D
Favourite genre of music: Inuyasha music
Wallpaper of choice: Inuyasha ones!
Skin of choice: ...Inuyasha? O.o duh! ^-^
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha!!! ^-^ (wow, who would have guessed? ^-^0)
News Update!: </b>


Hey, I haven't updated this thing in a while, so I'm just making sure you guys know the club is still alive and stuff LOL.

Also, the new journal set up is crap :/ ah well, hopefully the admins will fix up any bugs and maybe things will get easier to update XD; *took me a while to figure it out LOL OTZ*

Also, Happy (early) Halloween everyone! ;D :dance:


IF YOU GIVE THIS SITE A LLAMA - I'LL GIVE YOU ONE BACK! ;u;</u> I'll also give you a llama from my main account if you give me a llama there too! ( My main account is here:~~~> Superdemon-Inuyasha XD )

I'm trying to get as many llama's as I can on my main account and on this one! I want to at least get a super llama! ;u;

That's all for updates for now! Thanks guys! ;u;

~ Steph.

Previous Edits:

EDIT: is near the end where is says "edit" XD lol </u>

Sorry for the lack oh updates on the club ;___; I've been busy with School, work and , well LIFE, so checking my MAIN site is difficult, not to mention my club sites XD so I'll first apologize for that ;___;

But now I'll move onto the news 8D

It has finally been confirmed that they are making a sequel to the original Inuyasha Anime Series that should be covering the last 21 volumes or so of the manga XD I'll assume they're starting where they left off of the original series and actually giving it a proper ending 8D :dance: (EDIT: I think it's confirmed now that it IS starting off where they left it! 8D yay! ) They are going to be calling it "Inuyasha: The final Chapter" .

The article can be read here:~~~>…

It's going to be airing in Japan I believe this fall (so in a few months! 8D YAY! )(EDIT: It's been confirmed that it should be airing in Japan on October 3rd and should be getting fansubbed soon after! 8D ) It may take a while to get it subtitled and even longer to get dubbed - but it's coming back! 8D and hopefully this time, the anime series gets a good, proper ending XD I heard somewhere else that it's supposed to be about 36 episodes long (not confirmed yet XD lol ) so it's not going to be long - but at least it's something! 8D :dance:

EDIT: It's been confirmed that the original japanese Voice actors with be playing their characters again (we'll have to wait and see about the English cast XD lol ) and "Do As infinity" will be doing the opening theme again for the new series 8D :dance: / End Edit. </u>

EDIT2! lol :</u> More awesome news! XD Viz says that they will be subtitling it and streaming the first episode (and might have done so already, I'm not sure, lol XD )of the new anime series! The article about it is here:~~~>… Thank you once again, alannacrystal for the heads up! 8D Also, it sounds like they'll be airing a new episode every saturday as well! XD :dance: yay! /END EDIT2. </u>

And also, Thank you alannacrystal for giving me the heads up about it and the link to the article 8D

Anyone else excited for it? XD Because I am! :excited: :dance: :w00t:

Welcome to the Roguedemon-Inuyasha club!!! 8D

This is the club for those of you who LOVE Inuyasha (the character OR the show, lol) , Hate Kikyo (Or at lease the Inu/Kikyo parings) and hate Yaoi/yuri in Inuyasha - Then Join!!!! 8D


1. Please Send a note with the topic "Join" on it to the club. (I DO check the fro nt page, but it's easier and faster to get if you send a note)

2. If you want, you can put this club's icon in your journal by putting : icon Roguedemon-Inuyasha : (without the spaces) 8D

3. Watch the site for club updates, contests etc. and Wait for my response - when I respond to you - you'll all set! 8D


1. You must be a member of the club. XD

2. You must note you with a link you your artpiece that you want posted.

3.  If it's a complex file (like flash, etc) - Please note me with the link, then ask me for my e-mail to send me the file, so I can then post it ;___; )

4. Please try to avoid sending me like, 10 things to post at once - If you can, send me no more then 5 at the most and wait till I've been able to post them - It's time comsuming to post so many at once and it'll save the people watching this site from getting a crap load of deviations throw at them all at once o@ (cus I know that I hate that... lol )

5. No Yaoi/yuri or pro-kikyo art. - If you send it to me to post - It'll be declined, since it goes against what this club is supporting. That's like posting Inuyasha art on a Pokemon fanclub - It doesn't belong here - sorry ;____;

Rules of the club:

1. Be nice to other members.

2. Even if you don't hate kikyo - be respectful that others who are joining/part of this club may be joining just because they hate her, and prepare for bashings >.<0

3. Same as above goes with Yaoi/yuri - It's NOT Accepted in this Club.

4. HAVE FUN!!! 8D lol

That is all! XD

Club Admin - :iconsuperdemon-inuyasha:

Members page: ~~~>roguedemon-inuyasha.deviantart…

Affiliates page: ~~~>roguedemon-inuyasha.deviantart…

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